Demand Response

Earn up to €50,000 per MW from Eirgrid / SONI for testing your Generator with OC Power Generation Ltd, with no disruption to your site

Demand Side Unit

What is DSU? Demand Side Unit is a service offered by OC Power Generation Ltd that gives businesses like yours the opportunity to earn significant extra monthly revenue simply by being available to reduce electricity consumption or self-supply from your own generator for short periods of time.

How it works You decide how much and when you can deliver demand reduction or self-supply. Through the Single Electricity Market (SEM), we aggregate your availability to reduce consumption with other participants, and deliver all those reductions in bulk to Eirgrid, the national grid operator. The electricity market operator pays us, and we pay you.

How your business can provide demand reduction

Conserve Energy, Generate Revenue

Why OC Power Generation Ltd is the smarter choice for DSU

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