National Grid Services DS3 & System Services

DS3 System Services an Irish Business Opportunity. The latest opportunity for large energy users, DS3 System Services, are being launched by the all-Ireland energy market in May 2018. Recurring Revenues available from the Electric Grid are changing: from low value and technically simple to complex and very high value, driven by the high cost of installing batteries to store power from renewables.

Why is DS3 System Services needed?

System Services are required by Eirgrid and SONI to meet the challenges of operating the electricity system in a safe, secure and efficient manner while facilitating higher levels of renewable energy.

1. GRID BALANCE When generation and demand of energy are not in balance it causes a change of Frequency in the grid system.

2. EIRGRID AND SONI Eirgrid and SONI have statutory responsibilities in Ireland to the safe operation of the electricity grid which should operate between 49.8 and 50.2 Hertz.

3. RENEWABLES CHALLENGES Due to the intermittent nature of wind generation, coupled with peaks in demand, grid stability in real-time presents a major challenge. Most renewable generators are not interfaced with the grid through synchronous machines, therefore are unable to contribute towards inertial response.

4. THE GRID RELIES ON AGGREGATORS When not at a balanced 50 Hertz, the Grid relies upon OC Power/KIWI Power by utilising customer assets we automatically control to respond and contribute to rebalancing the grid and avoiding scenarios such as electricity blackouts.