Load Bank Hire & Testing

Mobile and Rental Load banks to Test Your Power Systems

Do you want to test an electrical unit or system? Then this is the right time when you should opt to hire reactive and resistive load banks that are either permanent or mobile to meet your requirements. The load banks can tell you everything that you need to learn about the performance of your unit or system, under a partial or full load. The load banks are mainly used for testing the electrical power outputs on gas turbines, diesel generators and UPS systems while conducting maintenance work and commissioning.

At the same time, the load banks are also used to stimulate real electric loads while enabling both essential commissioning and setup that ensures that all control and electrical parameters are met before power generation or power back up equipment. Besides, mobile load bank can also be used to test a generator, alternating current power supply or uninterruptible power supply and can be used for reactive and resistive testing.

So, when it comes to servicing the emergency standby power equipment on your sites, OC Power Generation Ltd can give you the confidence, with years of experience in this field. Being one of the leading resistive load bank providers in Ireland, we specialize in offering services for supplying, installing and maintaining emergency power system and in this way we have been inspiring the confidence of service providers and businesses across Ireland.

OC Power Generation Ltd provide a comprehensive range of mobile load banks that are available for hire to test Generators and UPS systems.

Here we offer reactive load banks amongst other products, supplied with range of cables that will suit all your requirements. We also have trailer mounted load banks that can be used in height restricted areas and available for customers to pickup and drop-off whenever necessary.

So, whatever the purpose is, we have the right solution for you to hire load bank with different capacities. In case you want to rent a load bank with a greater range, then we can also fulfil your requirements successfully by linking the units with each other. So, whenever and wherever there is a requirement of temporary power, we can successfully offer different types of products that extend beyond the conventional services provided by any other companies in this industry.

All load bank and test equipment is independently owned by OC Power Generation Ltd and therefore we do not cross hire.

Now let’s have a look at the reason why you should choose us:

1. Leader in load banks:

The load bank rental solution that we offer, gives a means to provide all types of power sources for rent including turbines, generators, fuel cells, battery backup systems, etc. The electric load that we offer can be controlled remotely and can also stimulate the demand in real operating conditions that makes sure that all the control and electrical parameters are met properly before the back-up or power generation equipment’s are being energised

2. Trusted name in load banks:

We are one of the leading load bank specialists in Ireland, offering a broad range of load bank solutions for rent. Here at OC Power Generation Ltd we have operational and reliably to test different types of power supplies every day. Our team of professionals and experts are always ready to come to your aid by helping you with load bank testing solutions effortlessly